Exclusive Interview: CEO Luffy Huang Discusses Pulse Entertainment Group, Krazy K-Pop Super Concert, and More

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Luffy Haung

With over fifteen years in the industry, Pulse Entertainment Group CEO Luffy Haung has been at the forefront of bridging Eastern and Western cultures through music. Putting together over a hundred large-scale concerts and working with A-list international stars, it’s been his mission to create unique experiences for music lovers around the world.

On August 26th, Pulse Entertainment Group continues its legacy with Krazy K-Pop Super Concert, featuring performances by MONSTA X, IVE, AB6IX, CRAVITY, and Kwon Eun Bi.

Pop Culturalist was lucky enough to speak with Luffy about his career, Pulse Entertainment Group, and Krazy K-Pop Super Concert.

PC: Pulse Events has such an incredible mission to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western cultures. When did you first realize you wanted to bring this company to life, and what’s played the biggest role in your success?
Luffy: I brought K-pop to Europe for the first time in 2017. It was GD’s (G-Dragon) tour and the first time I felt fans from different cultures and languages were all singing the same Korean song together. I will never forget that shock and enthusiasm. Now, and from now on, I hope to expand Pulse Events by blending multiple cultures together and offering a different experience.

PC: Who or what has had the biggest influence in your career?
Luffy: In the first Kim Woo-bin fan meeting I produced in 2013, I saw the happy smiles of the fans. That was my biggest motivation, and at the same time, I was sure that I was doing the right thing.

PC: Pulse Events has been around for over a decade. Has anything surprised you about this journey thus far?
Luffy: Despite different countries and different cultures, people have the same love for music and amazing performance experiences. This feeling has motivated me for a long time, and I hope that Pulse can build a bridge connecting Eastern and Western cultures through our events.

PC: You’ve been to so many festivals throughout your career. What makes Pulse Events different?
Luffy: Experience is what sets us apart, and we make every participant part of our event. For example, for Krazy, we held a dance competition so fans could go on stage to perform with artists. This is our difference.

Pulse Events is known for creating these unique live experiences. What can fans expect from the Krazy K-Pop Super Concert?
Luffy: Each artist designed their own special stage for Krazy, and we also let the artists prepare meet-and-greets and stage checks (soundchecks), so fans can have a unique experience.

PC: Outside of Krazy K-Pop Super Concert, what can we expect from the rest of 2023?
Luffy: In the EDM realm, we will have a Full Moon Party headlined by Seven Lions and a Winter Festival headlined by Afrojack. We are still preparing for the next Krazy Super Concert, so stay tuned!

Want to attend Krazy K-Pop Super Concert? Tickets and VIP packages are available here.

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